An annualised measure of the fluctuation in the price of a futures contract.

Volt (V)
A unit of electrical force equal to that amount of electromotive force that will cause a steady current of one ampere to flow through a resistance of one ohm.

A unit used to measure the electromotive force of an electric current.

Voltage Scales
The Voltage Scale is not set by the customer, but determined by Networks when the premises supply is connected. The kVA requested by the customer and what Networks are faced with when installing the supply, will determine which voltage scale is required. The voltage scale can also be determined via the Line Loss Factor.

Voltage Transformer
A device that reduces (or increases) the supply voltage, for example an 11000/415 Volt transformer would convert volt supply to 415 volt supply.

The number of transactions in futures or options on futures contracts made during a specified period of time.

Voluntary Withdrawal
A notice issued by a shipper indicating that they wish to cease ownership of a Supply Point.