Risk Management & Strategy Development

Bravo Energy provides an integrated approach in delivering its solution to the client. After an initial review and preliminary audit of a client's energy consumption and profile, Bravo will offer to provide a fully outsourced and risk-transferred integrated energy solution.

Bravo will then develop a tailored energy-management strategy and plan specific to the client's needs which will work towards achieving set targets in energy savings and carbon reduction over an agreed timeframe.

Our Services

Managing risk is vital to your energy strategy. Our experts can work with you to develop a risk management approach tailored to your company’s risk profile and existing techniques. The result is a clear direction to your energy purchasing decisions, thereby reducing exposure to a wide variety of risks.

Bravo's three-pronged approach   

Risk Areas

We look at the risk areas within your business and we assess your company's attitude to them.


We assemble a policy that defines your business objectives and align these to the risk profile.

Trigger points

Together with your company, we will create a purchasing strategy that will fit your risk appetite to the type of supply contract you have. The trigger points that prompt purchasing decisions will be determined and, together with our market intelligence, this will ensure that your company maximizes the market conditions for your company's benefit.

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