Half Hourly (HH) Meters
A communication device connected to the meter allowing the data collector to remotely connects to the meter, obtaining half-hourly consumption.

Half Hourly Data (HHD)
HHD is the product of the half-hour data meter. The data is usually made available to end users by way of a spreadsheet. A full years' half-hour data will be a spreadsheet with approximately 18,520 cells of data. This information may be used for energy management and is required by prospective suppliers to price a supply contract offer.

Hand Held Reads In Outstations
No comms installed, a meter reader will attend site to read the meter.

Heat Rate
Energy input per unit of time, usually expressed in kWh\h or BTU\h

Take a position to buy or sell in the futures market as a means of reducing the risk of price fluctuation in the physical market.

A method by which a purchaser or producer of a product uses a derivative position to protect itself against adverse price movements in the cash market.

HHU - Hand Held Unit 
A device which can be used on site and connects into the meter to retrieve and store the data from the meter.

High Summer
June, July and August.

High Voltage (HV)
Normally defined as 11,000 Volts or above.

Highly (or High)-enriched uranium (HEU)
Uranium enriched to at least 20% U-235.

A geographical location where multiple participants trade services.

Hybrid Instruments
Risk management mechanisms which combine futures, forward and options markets as well as swaps to create individualised financial services linked to commodity prices.

Hydroelectric Plant
A plant in which turbine generators are driven by falling water.

Hydro-electric Pumped Storage
An electricity generation plant which operates during peak periods by using water pumped into an elevated storage reservoir during off-peak periods.

Producing electricity by using the force of falling water to turn the turbine blades, usually accomplished by damming a river to create a source of falling water.

Hydroflurocarbon (HFC)
A refrigerant which is also a greenhouse gas.

Hydropower Run-of-River
A type of hydroelectric facility that uses river flow with little alteration and little or no impoundment of the water.